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Medical Services Project


For over 20 years, physicians and other health care professionals statewide have donated their services to thousands of uninsured children through the Medical Services Project (MSP), a program of the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP).  

At little cost to their families, school-aged children receive health-related services including pediatric primary care and specialty referrals, prescription medication, diagnostic laboratory services and eyeglasses.

Based on referrals from school and public health nurses, MSP connects physicians to Arizona’s uninsured and underinsured children from low-income families which do not otherwise qualify for health care coverage. The children receive low-cost medical appointments with participating physicians who believe that access to care for children should not be restricted to only those who have health coverage.  The doctors and nurses who participate in Medical Services Project give very generously of their time and talent to MSP.


Access to Care Committee

Our Access to Care committee works to decrease the number of uninsured children in Arizona and increase the number of families reporting quality and comprehensive, integrated care .  To learn more about this important work, please contact jansen@azaap.org 


Obesity and Food Insecurity Committee

The members of our Obesity and Food Insecurity committee are dedicated to decreasing the number of food insecure children in Arizona while at the same time increasing access to quality, healthy food to increase the number of children demonstrating a health body weight.  Find out more about joining or supporting our Obesity and Food Insecurity committee by contacting jansen@azaap.org

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