Prabodh (PB) Hemmady, MD, FAAP


 I was born in India in 1966 and moved to the USA in 1970. My father came to the USA in 1969 as a graduate student at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. When it became clear that he would be allowed immigration to the USA, my mother and I came the following year.

My family moved from Illinois to Connecticut when I was in middle school, and I finished my secondary education there. In high school, I graduated with the highest GPA (1 out of approx. 300), and I was accepted to medical school while in high school as long as I satisfactorily completed the undergraduate program at Boston University. I graduated with a combined BA/MD in 1992 from BU with a "magna cum laude" designation.

During medical school, I thought I wanted to be an ophthalmologist, but after doing some research in this field and observing the ophthalmologists at work, I changed my mind. At the end of my 3'd year of medical school, I decided on Pediatrics.

My wife and I moved to Phoenix from Boston in 1992 when I started residency In the PCH/MMC residency program. After completing my chief resident year in 1995, I was offered a job at Maricopa Integrated Health System. I was fortunate to be mentored by Kipp Charlton, Mary Rimsza, Mahesh Kotwal and Kote Chundu as well as several other outstanding pediatricians. I was offered other positions upon completing residency, but the chance to work with these physicians and to care for the population we serve at MIHS was something that I coveted.

I have held many positions since joining the faculty/ medical staff at MIHS as you can see in my CV. My passion is to help the underserved and uninsured. This may be because when my family first came to the USA, we did not have many resources, and I relate to the population I serve. I see the young boys and girls I care for and hope that they can be offered the same opportunities that l was given.

In the past several years, I have been very involved at "system level" change as the CMIO for MIHS from 2008-2013 and as Chair of Pediatrics from 2013-present day. I have become very involved in quality improvement and patient safety. In terms of serving on the AzAAP Board, I think these may be areas where l could be useful and productive.