As a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving child health and pediatric practices throughout Arizona, AzAAP believes strongly in promoting good public policy that strategically and appropriately advances the health and well-being of children today and for years to come. As a result, AzAAP and its members engage in non-partisan lobbying at all levels of Arizona government.  Chapter leadership also works closely with AAP to tap into efforts, trends and advocacy efforts at the national level.

AzAAP only advocates for policies which are substantiated by evidence-based information, and which serve to further the Chapter’s ultimate goal: to support and improve child health and wellness practices in Arizona.

AzAAP actively seeks and welcomes collaboration with policy makers, partner organizations, and allies to continue improving child health policies now and into the future. 


Advocacy Committee


The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to be a conduit between the Chapter and the Arizona Legislature regarding issues surrounding child health and pediatric practices in the state. The committee monitors legislation and makes recommendations to the Board.  It also educates the general membership about legislative issues, and communicates the Chapter’s official positions.

The basic responsibilities of the Advocacy Committee are to:

  1. Work closely with the person responsible for monitoring Arizona legislation.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board about taking positions on specific pieces of legislation.
  3. Help write appropriate "calls for action" in a timely manner.
  4. Work closely with other Chapter committees to develop positions statements, coordinate activities at the state legislature and in getting the word out to the public when appropriate.

Advocacy Resources

Blueprint for Children

Priorities and recommendations to optimize lifespan outcomes, foster child health and well-being, strengthen families, support our communities, and enhance the position of Arizona as a leading state for children.

Request to Speak Form

Complete this simple for to create an account to Request to Speak to Arizona's lawmakers on pending legislative bills.

Find Your Legislators

Share your expertise and opinions with your legislators in your area. Find your legislative district and representatives.

Family First Toolkit

This toolkit supports AzAAP members in our advocacy around the Family First Prevention Services Act.