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The Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP) is committed to improving the health of Arizona children and supporting the pediatric professionals who care for them. AzAAP is the state's leading professional pediatric tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to promoting the physical, mental and social health and well-being of every Arizona child. Representing approximately 1,000 health care professionals - including pediatricians, pediatric sub-specialists, nurses, residents, medical students, dentists, academicians, hospital administrators and other allied health professionals - AzAAP aspires to the highest standards in providing the latest evidence-based and current recommended guidelines to its members. The Chapter also works year-round to educate and engage policy-makers, parents, school professionals, community caregivers and all who impact the lives of children with the goal of fostering a statewide focus on promoting child health, preventive care and wellness.

Our Priorites


Poverty and Child Health

Early Brain and Child Development

Early Brain and Child Development

  In response to the growing number of children living in poverty, we are committed to increasing access to quality health care for uninsured and underinsured children, addressing childhood obesity and food insecurity, improving nutrition and physical activity, and serving the mental and behavioral health needs of Arizona children.


Early Brain and Child Development

Early Brain and Child Development

Early Brain and Child Development

Since we know that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by age 5, we are dedicated to promoting early literacy and school readiness, ensuring that all children receive optimal developmental screenings, creating standards for health in all preschool and childcare centers, and reducing adverse childhood experiences and trauma.


Quality of Care and Child Safety

Early Brain and Child Development

Quality of Care and Child Safety

For the reason all children deserve to be safe, healthy and protected, we are compelled to influence laws and policies to help prevent child deaths, implement strategies for pediatric disaster and emergency preparedness, and ensure all newborns receive screenings to diagnose and treat rare genetic disorders.



Member Support and Community

Member Support and Community

AzAAP works year-round to educate and engage policy-makers on issues important to pediatric professionals. Serve as a spokesperson or advocate on behalf of Arizona children and pediatric professionals at the state and national level, and receive timely notification of important legislative updates and instructions on how you can act on proposed legislation that can impact your business, profession and the children you serve.


Member Support and Community

Member Support and Community

Member Support and Community

Members can connect with peers on programs and committees comprised of pediatricians and expert guests who have similar interests, receive invitations to attend local conferences and networking events, connect with members through AzAAP’s ListServ, newsmagazine and website, and receive business support and discounts through preferred vendors.


Continuing Medical Education

Member Support and Community

Continuing Medical Education

Aspiring to the highest standards, AzAAP provides the latest evidence-based and current recommended guidelines to our members. Receive exclusive invitations and discounted registration fees to Arizona-focused Continuing Medical Education conferences and certification activities, and access web-based educational materials and toolkits.


Recent Accomplishments


After extensive immersion training, AzAAP is proud to become an ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) hub. This innovative hub and spoke telementoring program connects a multidisciplinary team of experts (hub) with primary care providers in local communities (spokes). Together, the experts and the primary care providers build a virtual "knowledge network" whereby participants learn from each other, gaining access to evidence-based and capacity-building resources. This focused initiative to support members, through ongoing and shared learning experiences in providing measurable outcomes and the best possible care, advances AzAAP’s dedication to quality innovation and serving members in every part of the state.

Special Features


Back to the Office Campaign

Help get patients and families Back to the Office during the pandemic with this social media toolkit with easy to use resources 


Don't Wake Up to a Tragedy

Infant Safe Sleep Campaign and Toolkit for Providers and Parents


Adolescent Consent and Confidentiality Toolkit

Access the guide for Arizona health care clinicians with current methodologies in engaging adolescents and family members in health care decision-making. 


Read Our Legislative Agenda

Read about our legislative priorities for Arizona children


Importance Notice: AzAAP 43rd Annual Conference Postponement

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