Quality of Care and Child Safety


Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care

Pediatric Prepared Emergency Care, which opened for membership in 2011, is a voluntary program recognizing hospitals that have demonstrated their ability to stabilize and/or manage pediatric emergencies. AzAAP’s voluntary certification program recognizes hospitals that meet specific criteria for personnel training and equipment that support optimal care for ill or injured infants, children, and teens. 


Child Fatality Prevention

Coordinating the Arizona Child Fatality Review Program for Maricopa County, the goal is to reduce preventable child fatalities through systematic, multidisciplinary, multi-agency, and multi-modality reviews of child fatalities in Arizona. This is accomplished through interdisciplinary training and community-based prevention education and through data-driven recommendations for legislation and public policy.  


Adolescent Health Committee

Working to increase the rate of adolescent well care visits, improve the HPV immunization completion rate to 80%, and to improve the overall quality of care provided to adolescents, our Adolescent Health Committee works on a variety of projects to support both families and healthcare providers.


Consent & Confidentiality in Adolescent Health Care: A Guide for Arizona Health Care Clinicians

AzAAP was proud to partner with the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) on the latest revision of this essential guide with updated language to reflect current methodologies in engaging adolescents and family members in health care decision-making. It features new, topical case scenarios and now features a toolkit with items such as office policy, staff training quiz, a powerpoint presentation, and handouts for teens and parent engagement.  


Infant Safe Sleep Toolkit

Free resources including posters, handouts, and pledge forms to encourage infant safe sleep and prevent sleep suffocation deaths.  Printed or downloadable materials available.