Don't Wake Up to a Tragedy



Did you know? Every 5 days, a baby in Arizona suffocates while sleeping.

Talking to parents about the risks of sleep suffocation and the use of safe sleep practices has been shown to reduce sleep-related deaths.  Encourage parents to:

  • Share a room, not a bed
  • Lay baby down to sleep in a crib or bassinet for every sleep
  • Don't sleep with your baby
  • Don't let your baby sleep in a crowded crib
  • Place babies on their back every time, at night and for naps
  • Give babies space to breathe - no pillows, bumpers, blankets or toys

The materials in this toolkit can be used to help ensure that no other parent in Arizona 

wakes up to a tragedy.  



AzAAP provides free posters to providers, practices, and hospitals, to encourage parents to practice safe sleep and prevent sleep-related tragedies.  Request printed posters from or download the digital version below.

Parent Pledge Form


Parent pledge forms encourage parents to make a commitment to using infant safe sleep practices.  These pledge forms can be distributed at every well child visit to aid in the discussion about safe sleep.

Home Safety Checklist


A quick and easy take-home resource for parents to reinforce safe sleep practices.  This checklist encourage parents to have their baby sleep alone, on their back, in a crib in their own separate sleep space.

For more information about AzAAP's Don't Wake Up to a Tragedy safe sleep campaign, or to order printed materials, please contact