member support and community


Media Opportunities

Serve as an expert in the media.  Thanks to a special partnership with Raising Arizona Kids, members are regularly featured in articles about community health issues, as well as positioned with other Arizona media.


Local Pediatric Societies

AzAAP is proud to partner with and support the pediatric societies across Arizona, with their presidents serving on our board of directors.  Learn more about the work of the East Valley Pediatric Society, Greater Phoenix Pediatric Society, and Pima County Pediatric Society below.


Pediatric Digest

Our bi-annual news magazine, Pediatric Digest,  with articles of local interest is written by our members for members.  Each edition is themed with a timely subject and gives members a chance to publish and share their expertise.  

Become a member, Join a Community

When you become a member of the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, you join a community.