Project ECHO

The Arizona Pediatric Quality Improvement Institute (APQII), AzAAP's program for improving pediatric health outcomes across the state through quality improvement (QI) and continuous medical education efforts, is delighted to offer AzAAP members the opportunity to participate in a Maintenance of Certification(MOC)* project with the purpose to improve HPV vaccination rates.

The AzAAP HPV ECHO Project serves as a forum for health care professionals using the ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) model, an innovative hub and spoke telementoring program that connects a multidisciplinary team of experts (hub) with primary care providers in local communities (spokes). Together, the experts and the primary care providers build a virtual "knowledge network" whereby participants learn from each other, gaining access to evidence-based and capacity-building resources. The AzAAP HPV ECHO monthly sessions include a brief presentation by an HPV or QI expert, followed by participants presenting their quality improvement work for discussion and problem solving-guidance. Through regular attendance, participants receive mentorship and grow their QI skills and self-efficacy around HPV vaccination.

After extensive immersion training, AzAAP is proud to launch our own ECHO Hub and replicate the ECHO model within our organization beginning with an HPV focused initiative to support members through ongoing and shared learning experiences in providing measurable outcomes and the best possible care.


  • Participate in an eight (8) month initiative beginning February 14, 2019
  • Create a core project team, including a lead physician
  • Complete registration materials
  • Complete monthly case presentation forms prior to a selected teleECHO session in preparation for group discussion
  • Actively participate in eight (8) monthly teleECHO sessions (i.e., ask questions, present on QI efforts) to be held on the second Thursday of the month beginning February 14 at 12:00 pm MST
  • Complete post-teleECHO session survey after each teleECHO session
  • Complete a retrospective survey at the end of the initiative
  • Complete seven (7) data cycles within the eight (8) month initiative

** A complete list of participation requirements can be accessed here


Project ECHO is open to member practices on a first come, first served basis limited to ten (10) Arizona practices. After completion of the project, practices will receive a $1,500 Practice Stipend and 25 Free MOC Part IV Credits*. 

For more information please email

We thank you for being a committed AzAAP member, and we are excited to share this opportunity with you!

*25 MOC Part IV credits pending American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) approva